Thursday, December 7, 2017

Enjoy Your Winter Vacation At Trafalgar Square London

Are you feeling bored? There are many fascinating locations in the world. Everyone wants to celebrate the month of winter happily. 

People travel to various locations in the world. London is included in this list because it is an international city. Visitors want to travel across London’s popular tourist sites.
Trafalgar Square is the most famous public place in London which attracts tourists from all over the globe. Many of the popular airlines have made travelling easy for everyone for reaching to London and Trafalgar Square. Some of them are Emirates Airline, Turkish, Qatar, Oman Air and Etihad Airways.

Airline companies have reduced air fares therefore the people also buy cheap flight tickets from Lahore to London for attending various events of Trafalgar Square which are held in the month of December.

History and Importance

Trafalgar Square is the most important marketplace in London.  It has been constructed in commemoration of British victory after long war between two major countries France and Spain in 1805.
Trafalgar Square has been popular landmark of political gatherings, demonstrations, gatherings, events and conferences etc. A unique tree has been given as a gift to the people of Britain by Kingdom of Norway in 1947 for Christmas.
Many of the pigeons have also lived in Trafalgar Square.

Eat Delicious Cuisine From Restaurants There

There are many restaurants and hotels available in Trafalgar Square which sell halal category of food. They are mainly Pakistani and Asian.
Most of the business owners of these restaurants are immigrants of Pakistani parents. They are greatly involved in cuisine making industry and brands.
Some of top restaurants are:
  • Salt ‘n Pepper
  • Mint Leaf Restaurant and Bar
  • Shawa Lebanese Grill
  • Wrap It Up! Charing Cross
  • Corniche Cafe
Many of the travelers arrive from foreign countries for specifically having a taste of the British cuisine which has specifically contributed by Pakistani people.

Church of Saint Martins

Is a popular Christian Church which is located in Trafalgar Square. It has been designed by highly specialized architects. The Church also organizes function of schoolchildren. Many notable guests attend these events.

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery is a large scale museum.. We can see portraits of famous people there. People visit this gallery for viewing portraits of famous people.

Museum of Optical Instruments

British Optical Association Museum has various scientific instruments which can be viewed there. Some of them have been used by early scientists. It is very informative place for visitors.

House of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is regarded as the greatest leader of contemporary era. He was also a multi talented individual who has contributed to various fields of life. His family house can be seen in London. It has become museum now for the public. These are some of the best tourist sites which are located in area of Trafalgar Square. You must visit all of these locations for having a great time in London & Available here many other airline flight deals


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